KON-Like It Or Love It

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything in regards to music, I mean like a full blown article of my feelings towards a certain album or mixtape. Usually, I’m able to handle my schedule and get extremely involved in what’s new in the underground scene but I guess I’ve let a lot of things get to me the past few months.

On Saturday I attended our first official band practice. This is an idea that KON has had in the back of his mind since we first met, and that was to start a band of our own. Being that I’m a part of his team, as well as an up and coming artist myself, he decided to make me one of the vocalists in the band. Exciting, no? 🙂

Not to be confused, this article isn’t about me whatsoever. In fact, it’s about KON, or as some of you know him, “Knowledge Over Nonsense”. My reason for the brief introduction is because most of the songs we rehearsed during band practice came from his latest mixtape released in March 2011, “Like It Or Love It”.

I should have had an article written months ago, because it is in fact one of my favorite mixtapes of all time, and yes, you can quote me “of all time”. Very rarely do I come across artists that can rap over industry beats and still manage to grasp my attention. Most of them seem so cliché, rapping over the latest Kanye West or Drake beats, and even when they bring it back a few years and rap over Hi-Tek or Dilla instrumentals, they still don’t seem to catch my attention. It’s a variety of things; they lack creativity, substance, and most important, the love.  

I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the entire making of KON’s “Like It Or Love It” mixtape, from the music, artwork, distribution, basically, all of it.  Mostly every song was either recorded or written in front of me, and if I wasn’t around, he’d call me to spit his latest verse over the phone. Other times, I’d just get the email previewing the rough’s. Not gonna lie, I’d be hyped as hell listening to his joints! I knew this mixtape would be a success cuz every song on there was a banger. He doesn’t know this, but I saved all the un-mixed versions on my phone. I guess the secrets out, oh well. How do you think I was able to memorize every song before anyone else?

“Like It Or Love It” differs from hip-hop that’s out right now, it pretty much has a story behind it, unlike artists nowadays who just rap to…well, rap. KON put his present life into this mixtape, talking about the good, the bad, relationships, and most of all, his love for hip-hop. He mentions his appreciation towards his listeners, tells short stories, I mean it’s truly a one of a kind type of mixtape.

Some artists, when trying to experiment, would mix genres or go off topics. Not in his case, he planned everything to perfection, and with every song I hear, more and more I am convinced he is a musical perfectionist who continues to exceed his abilities as an artist.

What I love most about “Like It Or Love It” is the way KON set it off with a J Dilla introduction where he’s talking about how it’s hard for an artist to be noted as an emcee when the audience is already used to you being a producer. Before KON came out with his EP in August 2010, he was known as a producer and engineer out of Queens, NY so when he came out with his first EP, “Above The Clouds”, he shocked his fans as well as surrounding artists. Within a few months, after much dedication, he has become notably recognized and respected as a musician all around, not only as a producer.

Allow me to point out a few of my favorite tracks. For one, the intro itself is ridiculous, titled, obviously, “Like It Or Love It” produced by M-Phazes. KON pretty much let’s people know, this is it, this is how the mixtape is gonna be…you either “Like It or Love It” cuz you really have no choice but to. He has an incredible mix from Hi-Tek to Dilla, Ayatollah to Kanye West and more. “Don’t Go Away” featuring G-Martin, is a song dedicated to his fans and how much he appreciates the love and support whereas “Hustlin” talks about how he hustles to get his music out to the listeners. “Let’s Ride” by Q-Tip (produced by J Dilla) is pretty dope to vibe where he pays homage to Q-Tip and “Light Works” featuring Daniel Joseph is just a ridiculously crazy song over the Dilla “Light Works” beat.

“Like It or Love It” features some of the best that surrounds New York/New Jersey’s underground music scene. Varying from unique sounds and styles from different artist such as Hasan Salaam, Silent Knight, PremRock, Otis Clapp, Kalil Kash and Daphya and ranging into a magnificent R&B sound which features  Tenille and the funky vibes of producer/singer Akwarian Sea Rebel as well. To top it all off, it was mixed by no other than the remarkable DJ Dyllemma giving it that real old school kind of mixtape sound.

I can go on about how awesome this mixtape is because I literally have it embedded in my brain but it would be more dope if you checked it out for yourself. So here it is, free of charge and you can preview it before you download it if you wish. If you like it, or love it, feel free to pass it on. And nonetheless, be prepared to expect much more greatness from KON. This is only the beginning.

KON- Like It Or Love It Mixtape (Free Download)

Peace, Mad Love & Melodies,

Lyn Melodix


iHeartDilla 2 Year Anniversary Show

Here are some pics I snapped at the iHeartDilla 2 year anniversary show at Sullivan Hall Sunday, June 19th. Shouts to Jessica Estevez, the mastermind behind iHeartDilla, for putting together such an amazing show and much love especially to all the performers! Ya’ll were dope, every one of you.

Peace, Mad Love & Melodies,

Lyn Melodix

Endless Routine Music

I found this group on tumblr & they asked me to check their music. It’s pretty dope, electronic & trippy if you’re into that. Check them out Endless Routine-“White Noise In Your Heart”….it’s Depeche Mode meets Crystal Castles in a away. Peace…

Endless Routine Music

Kon & Silent Knight Dual Mixtape Release Public Assembly

Here is some footage from last night’s show at Public Assembly for Kon and Silent Knight’s mixtape release party. If you didn’t make it, you missed a dope show! Such great vibes and energy. Peace to all the performers, PremRock, North of Division X, Grito de Poetas, Otis Clapp, Shay, Kid Lucky, Rasheed Chappell, G Martin, Kalil Kash, DJ Dyllemma, Baron of Red Clay and True. But most important a special shouts to my brothers KON and SILENT KNIGHT! And if you don’t have a copy of either of their mixtapes, get to work, you’re missing out.

Shouts to Audible Doctor for the video.

Liz Taylor


RIP Elizabeth Taylor.

“I’m Just Sayin” Open Mic in Brooklyn


Here’s the deal, short & sweet… Come out on Saturday March 19th to Alchemist Lounge in Brooklyn for an awesome night of poetry, spoken word, hip-hop performances & more. My girl Ñero is gonna be rockin’ & she’s a beast on the mic along with other dope members of “Grito de Poetas”. Like I said, if you have no plans, come on down, bring your notebook, spit a verse, sing, whatever just get out here to experience incredible wordplay & a dope atmosphere. Oh yeah, how could I forget, I got a spoken word joint I’m doing, so more of a reason to get your ass on down to BK this Saturday. See you there, oh & tell a friend to tell a friend. Spread the word!

Peace, Mad Love & Melodies,

Lyn Melodix

“Death Is Silent” CunninLinguists

I have been rockin’ this album all day.

Such a dark & deep album, but so awesome. It’s one of those “I wish it was raining” kinda days cuz it sets the mood.

These are a few of my fave tracks: